Ed Hadfield 
Pleasures of the Body
Curated by Iavor Lubomirov

August - October 2020

Private Views
Friday 11th September
Friday 25th September
Friday 9th October

At Cable Depot: 
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In his latest series of Poetic Wall Art Murals, Ed Hadfield captures and conveys the body’s experiential relationship with its environment and the simple moments of pleasure that can slip by you before you even know they’ve happened. Working primarily with poetry, he scales the medium into wall sized murals so as to reach a more vernacular audience.

Pleasures of the Body is informed by the idea of the living body (soma) as a site of sensory appreciation and builds on the philosophers John Dewey and Richard Shusterman and their notions of unified and fragmented experiences, with a particular emphasis on somaethetics.

Ed's poetry builds on Objectivist poetic theory of “thinking with things as they exist” as well as the New Sincerity poetic movement which emphasises lyric subjectivity and the use of contemporary typography, layout & advertising techniques to take poetry to a wider public audience.

In making these works he has pursued the rhythm and rhyme of poetry to convey the feeling of experience; whilst using the visual language and design layout of typography to support that end.

insta: ed.hadfield