Lindsay Segall
Short Film, Colour, 8 minutes
Followed by an interview with the director

Wednesday 2 September

At Cable Depot: 7pm - 10pm
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Morality is the playing field. A young woman takes control over her life and then the authoritie intervene. Greta battled with life and the growing magnitude of feelings that refused to disperse. A serendipitous event and subsequent action enabled her to change her life. Not devoid of sacrifice, yet without notice (until now), or apology, she has empowered herself for good; but what are the consequences of a single decision forever?

Helen’s life’s work is to give advocacy to individuals who need safeguarding. A woman, measured, responsible, with an aptitude for rescue and who believes in her profession with her whole heart, is given a case that shakes her core values. This piece of fiction plays with the metaphysical.

The elements of the absurd and abstract enable controversial themes to come into play; with the very visceral relationship we have with the heart, as an organ and of its poetry. Inspired by Gina Ochsner’s short story The Hurler.

Lindsay Segall is an emerging writer director. Her work shifts between site specific performances and film; playing with themes around intimacy, language and boundaries.