Rab Harling
Exile in the Kingdom. An Elegy to the Ash Tree

Screening: Friday 8 November 7-9 PM
Limited seating, please RSVP at Eventbrite

Cable Depot is pleased to present an evening of art, science & poetry exploring the ash tree:

“Rab Harling’s new film Exile in the Kingdom is beautiful. One of the most original things I've seen in a long time” - Paul Sng, director of Invisible Britain and Dispossession: the Great Social Housing Swindle.

Exile in the Kingdom is an elegy to Britain's third most common tree, the ash, which may soon become a rare site on Britains landscape, due to infection by the ash dieback pathogen. Ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) is estimated to affect up to 95% of Britains estimated 90 million ash trees.

The premiere of Rab Harling’s new film, Exile in the Kingdom and a short introduction to the project.

A reading of symbiotic poetry by Paul Connealy, aka Little Onion written via link, shift and channelling with William Wordsworth.

Sward {skin of the earth} is Lucy Furlong’s latest walking project and the subject of her new chapbook from Sampson Low. She will read from this and also read recent poems written for the trees on the Cambridge Estate in Kingston Upon Thames, 200 of which will be felled in the name of regeneration.

An introduction to ash dieback by Mark McMullan, Evolutionary Biologist at the Earlham Institute.

Rab Harling is a London-based contemporary artist and filmmaker who specialises in experimental filmmaking, photography and sculptural installations.

Paul Conneally is a poet and artist, a cultural forager. He is best known for haiku and other Japanese poetry forms including renga. He is the co-founder of Involuntary Painting with Millree Hughes and Aldo Flores. Their current show INVOLUNTARY MÉXICO runs until September 2020 in México City’s Metro Hidalgo.

Lucy Furlong is a writer and walking artist. She has published two poetry maps: Amniotic City (2011) was featured in the Guardian, and poetry from Over the Fields (2015) is part of the OU MA in Creative Writing. Last year her work was part of BBC Radio 4’s Women Who Walk programme. Hesterglock Press publishes the second edition of her pamphlet ~clew~ in 2020. A new chapbook, Sward, is forthcoming from Sampson Low.

Mark McMullan is an evolutionary biologist at the Earlham Institute. Mark works on the population genomics of the Ash Dieback pathogen, combining both bioinformatics and population biology to understand the processes that underlie the invasion and spread of this pathogen across Europe.